Special engineered wood with very high electro-insulating properties.



It is often referred to as the “transformer plywood” since it is widely used for the production of power transformers thanks to its unique insulating and durability properties.

Depending on the arrangement of fibres in adjacent veneer plies, we distinguish between the cross-grained Elkon in which adjacent plies are laid at right angles to each other and the parallel-grained Elkon in which the plies are laid so as to ensure that fibres are mutually parallel (for process-related reasons, up to 15% of veneers can be arranged transversely). Elkon® is manufactured according to the standard no 140/08: Symbols and their meanings: P – parallel-grained, C – cross-grained

Types of gluing

  • interior: Elkon® is made by the hot bonding (145-150oC) under high pressure (6-12 MPa) of 2 mm thick beech veneers with phenol-formaldehyde resin.
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