Hexa Birch Plywood

2440*1220mm – 2500*1250mm – 1500*3000mm
Film / Hexa
Exterior BFU 100 / WBP



Hexa Plywood

Decorative, yet functional slip-resistant birch plywood suitable for a wide range of demanding applications. Easily worked / CNC machined, good chemical and weather resistance, plus easy to clean. Edges sealed. Wide range of thicknesses, colours and sizes. Suitable for structural use. FSC / PEFC.


  • Hexa Plywood Technical info
 Ebat / Size, mm (ft)   2500*1250mm, 1500*3000
 Kalınlık / Thickness, mm   6.5,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,40mm
 Yüzey / Surface   F/Hexa
 Tutkal / Glue   Exterior BFU 100 WBP
 Yoğunluk / Density   640-700 kg/³

Hexa Honeycomb Patterned Plywood

Hexa honeycomb plywood, Case Manufacturing, Case Systems, Case, Flightcase, Hard Case, Soft Case, Flight Chests, Speaker, Polyurethane Floor Panel cinema & stage floors, Stage Systems, Podium Stage floors, Cold room, Cold store, Cold weather panels (cooling systems) is used as anti-slip material on the floors.Petek pattern is also known as plywood or Hexagon Birch plywood, Hexa Plywood, Train, Aircraft, Vehicle etc. damper pavement, Horse trailers, Scaffolding Platforms, Loading Stages, Stands, terraces, Sports and playgrounds are also frequently used. Honeycomb plywood Plate protection edges are acrylic based paint. The surface has a 10 mm diameter hexagonal pattern. Hexa Plywood is a product with a hexagonal pattern which is coated with brown or gray film and designed for use as a flooring in the transportation industry. Extremely resistant to slip and wear. Also Hexa Plywood is the best choice for decorative upholstery.

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