Plywood Door

Plywood with foam and aluminium



Rigid polystyrene foam covered on both sides with exterior hardwood or softwood plywood with a maximum thickness of 6 mm (it can be produced with 0.05 mm aluminium foil or 0.3 mm thick aluminium sheet).

The insulation foam has a closed cellular structure with very low water absorbability which makes it resistant to adverse conditions of use. According to the manufacturer, the foam also has self-extinguishing properties and an excellent insulation capability: 0.027 W/Mk, water absorbability 28 days: 0.2 – 2 % volume, depending on the type.

Types of gluing

  • exterior: based on urea-melamine-phenol-formaldehyde suitable for humid conditions(acc. to PN-EN 636, technical class EN 636-2).
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