Raw Birch Plywood



Raw Birch Plywood

Raw Birch Plywood

Exterior Raw Plywood is a high-quality construction material with high durability and moisture resistance.
Exterior Raw Birch Plywood maintains its performance characteristics under conditions of high humidity and does not deform or soak.
It can be used in both interior and exterior finish.
Key benefits
Higher water-resistance
Exceptional durability and resistance to wear
Hard surface
Resistance to temperature variation: -40 to +50°C
Comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes

Standard sizes, mm (ft) 1525х1525 (5х5)
1220х2440х1220 (4х8х4)
1250х2500х1250 (4х8х4)
1500/1525×2440/2500 (5×8)
2440/2500х1500/1525 (8×5)
1500/1525х3000/3050 (5х10)
Standard thickness, mm 4-40
Granding I (B, S), II (BB), III (CP), IV (C)
Surface quality Outer layers sanded (S2S), one side sanded (S1S), unsanded (NS)
Formaldehyde emission class Е1
Density, kg/m3 640-700
Moisture content, % 5-14
Water resistance Higher


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